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Published 14 November 2022

The Motor Insurance Database (MID)

The MID website is maintained by the Motor Insurance Bureau.  It is funded by mandatory contributions made by insurers.

A free, publicly-available database, that does not reveal any personal information or anything about the insurance policy.  It simply confirms if the vehicle is insured or not.

You should only use it to check the insurance status of your own car. The MID has a separate tool for checking another car in the event of an accident.


How to Use the Motor Insurance Checker Tool?

Is My Car Insured?

The way AskMid works is very simple:

  • Enter your vehicle registration
  • Tick to confirm you have read and agree to the data protection (terms and conditions) statement
  • Tick the CAPTCHA box to confirm you are human and not a bot
  • Click the green  ‘Check This Vehicle’ button.


The askMID website will compare the registration you entered with the entries in the database, and show you whether or not this vehicle is showing on the database as having valid insurance or not.



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