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Whats your car called?

Why do we name our cars?

Car Names - Herbie

Famous cars influence our names

We spend so much time in our cars that is no surprise that we become emotionally attached to them, especially if they are our first car.  We all remember our first car, its like a first kiss or our first love.  Your first car signifies freedom, independence, maturity and is a real bench mark in your life.

How do we choose a name for our car? 

Car names are usually created from the cars registration for example JCK could influence the name Jack.  However, many will give their car a name that suits the cars personality, with a further 1% naming their car after their spouse or friend.  Make and model also play a large role in name choice, I have a Citroen DS3 and she is called Francoise, a perfect name for my little French car.

Celebrity influence

Of course, we will see many beetles being named Herbie, and I am sure there will be a few Kits driving around somewhere.  But it’s not just celebrity cars that influence us, its celebrities themselves, I’m sure there are a fair few Britney’s and Rihanna’s driving around also.

Car Colours

It is reported that 8% of us will name our cars because of their colour, I wonder how many Blue Boy’s, Black Beauties and White Lightnings are gracing our roads.

According to the AA-Populus research the most popular names were-

  • Names with Blue in them
  • Fred, Freddie or Freda
  • Betsey
  • Babe or Baby
  • The Beast
  • Penny or Penelope
  • Names with Little in them
  • Bertie or Bess
  • Bertha
  • Katy or Katie
  • Names with Old in them

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