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Cars With The Best In-Car Entertainment

For many people when it comes to choosing a car it is no longer just about the performance of the car itself but also the in-car entertainment which can play a major part in the final decision.

Digital technology, has, of course, made a huge impact in the way both in car entertainment and even information is delivered and with a huge range of technology on offer, especially in term of the more familiar audio systems, we take a look at which cars really do have the best in-car entertainment.

Car audio systems in the Volkswagen CC

When it came to configuring a sound system for the Volkswagen CC, Danish company Dynaudio settled on a 600-watt system with 10 speakers and a 10 channel digital amplifier, which features Digital Sound Processor technology. For a complete all round sound experience that gives home stereo system quality, this car has it all – with 2 tweeters in both front and back doors, 2 centre channel speakers and 4 woofers all mounted in the doors of the CC.

Ford Focus Titanium car audio systems

With the Sony system providing 10 channels and 355 watts in a car the size of a focus then you know the sound quality will be good, and not only that – it’s a sound system that will not break the bank. With 9 speakers and a rear mounted sub-woofer the sound reproduction is fantastic and even offers voice activation. Simply connect your iPod and state your music choice and provided you have it loaded up then it will start playing.

Audi car audio systems in the S5

When a company like Bang & Olufsen ventures into the world of car audio systems then you know the results are going to be right up there with the best of the best.
The system fitted in the Audi S5, with tweeters that rise out of the dash at start up, certainly offers a bit of drama and the audio (which is, of course, brilliant in its sound quality) is supported by 14 speakers and a 505-watt amplifier.

In addition to all of this, the system supports satellite radio, Bluetooth audio streaming, HD radio, iPod integration and finally SD cards. In other words, what Bang & Olufsen deliver in terms of home entertainment quality they have achieved in car audio systems.

Mazda3 car audio systems for happy touring in the Grand Touring

The first premium audio manufacturer to move in to the world of automotive, Bose is still amongst the big players in the industry.
The Bose Centre Point system in the Mazda3 offers an affordable sound system that any musician will love. In a change from the norm Bose have fitted a subwoofer into the well with the space saver spare tyre, this together with the dash mounted centre speaker locates the lead vocal directly at the centre of the car offering a truly enhanced sound.
A 265-watt amplifier drives the 10-speaker system ensuring that the Bose Centre Point system offers a completely unique audio experience.

And for those with a bigger budget….

British high end audio experts Naim worked with Bentley to create an ‘as live’ in car audio experience.  Naim went as far to see how the body panels would work with motion and the way the sound waves move around the interior!

Whether you love a bit of in car karaoke, or want to relax with some classical music whilst stuck in traffic, these systems will certainly make for a more entertaining journey, no matter where you’re travelling to.


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