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Black Boxes: Preventing Dodgy Car Insurance Claims

Car Insurance Claim

Last updated 11 July 2022 | Published 27 June 2016


We can control our household appliances, central heating and lights in our home through our smart phones, so it’s no surprise that technology is now being used in cars to help monitor our driving.

Millions of cars globally now have a ‘Black Box‘ as more drivers choose telematic insurance policies.

The ‘Black Box’ will potentially save insurance companies billions in losses each year, monitoring speed, acceleration, braking and helping insurance companies to weed out fraudulent claims.


The black box’s record and then supply data which can be analysed giving insurance companies a full understanding of a crash, even if only one car has a black box installed.

By evaluating the data recorded by the black box allows insurers find out the impact of a crash, being able to determine if the impact could cause whiplash and soft tissue injuries.

Another interesting side to the telematics is making insurers aware that there has been an accident.  If the device detects a G-force above a certain level it can also trigger a call to the driver to check if they are OK, or alerts the emergency services if needed – Clever stuff!
In order to to reduce response times to accidents and help save lives under the European Union’s e Call initiative all new vehicles sold in Europe from April 2018 will have technology that can automatically notify emergency services in an event of an accident.
No more calls from those ‘nice’ people telling us we have been involved in a car accident that was not our fault….

Smart Apps

Telematic polices are proving very popular as these are helping to reduce the price of our policies, these saving can be up to a third for young drivers.

But its not just young drivers who are benefiting from the telematic policies, now that there are numerous apps available for smart phones we can all use these in our cars and start monitoring our driving.  Its not just your insurance costs that will come down, these clever driving apps will also give you feed back on your driving and some clever insurance companies are challenging families to see who is the best driver.

Thoughts for the future

What will happen in the future when the driver-less car is on our roads, and a driver-less car malfunctions?  Will we be trusting the driver-less cars data, the app on our smartphone, the black box,  or good old fashion human honesty?

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