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Beaulieu National Motor Museum

Beaulieu Motor Museum

Located in the New Forest, Hampshire, is the Beaulieu National Motor Museum, an award-winning family visitors’ attraction with over 800 years of heritage and a fantastic place to take the whole family. There really is something for everyone at Beaulieu, just make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to fit everything in – families, car enthusiasts and couples looking for a day out with a difference won’t be disappointed.

Beaulieu – A brief history

Beaulieu National Motor Museum - palace with cars in front

Beaulieu National Motor Museum – Mixing Old with New

Beaulieu is steeped in a rich and varied history which can be traced back to before 1204 when the land on which it stands was the property of the crown and home to a royal hunting lodge. King John gifted the land to the Cistercian monks in 1204 and they built Beaulieu Abbey. The abbey was surrendered to the crown in 1538 and then sold off as part of Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries, which saw the ruination of all religious buildings.

Fast forward to 1867 and Beaulieu got its first resident owner, Lord Henry Scott, the great grandfather of the current Lord Montagu. He transformed Palace House into the ancestral home that can be seen today on the Beaulieu land. The Abbey ruins have been open to the public since 1912 and in 1952 Palace House and the Gardens were opened to the public. Beaulieu was the first stately home, opened to visitors. Shortly after this the Montagu Motor Museum, supported by the British motor industry, was established, it flourished and in 1972 became the National Motor Museum. Today it houses a world-famous collection of vehicles and a motoring archive.

The attractions

The National Motor Museum – Home to 285 motor vehicles, has everything from early motor carriages to F1 racing cars and even some motorbikes on display. The museum is home to a number of famous cars from the world of TV and film as well as a several record breakers like Donald Campbell’s Bluebird.

Palace House – The house its grounds and the garden are all open to the public. The gardens offer visitors a great place to escape from it all and relax in both the formal kitchen garden and the more informal mill walk

Beaulieu National Motor Museum - cars and bikes

Beaulieu National Motor Museum – Something for everyone

Beaulieu Abbey – Steeped in history visitors can enjoy a walk amongst the ruins of the abbey as well as a visit to the monastic life exhibition to see the story of the abbey and the monks who lived there.

Secret Army Exhibition – During World War Two, Beaulieu was a top-secret training establishment for Special Operations Executive special agents. Visit the exhibition to find out how they trained and what they learned during their time at Beaulieu.

Beaulieu National Motor Museum for the Easter holidays

With the Easter holidays looming Beaulieu is the perfect destination for a fun filled day out, and whether you are a motor enthusiast or prefer stately houses there really is something for everyone. Last year they ran lots of mini events over the Easter holidays so why not check out their website before you plan your visit to see if they have anything special happening this year.

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