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Company vehicle leasing – The pros out way the cons

When it comes to business, there are many reasons why a vehicle is required.  Staff may need then to move between sites or offices while a pool of cars may be useful for driving to meetings along with vans for product deliveries or delivering a service. Regardless of the needs, there is no doubt that company vehicle leasing is a useful vehicle leasing
The following list of advantages and disadvantages are designed to help you decide if company leasing is for you.

Advantages of company vehicle leasing.

Accurate budgeting – Leasing a company vehicle will give you the ability to accurately identify your budgets as the monthly cost will always be the same.
Advice and support – There is always help and guidance available from CVS Ltd should you have any queries.
Reliability- Vehicles are new or nearly new which means that they will have zero or low mileage which means that they are reliable.
Fuel Economy – Choosing a new company vehicle that has excellent fuel economy will ensure that you keep business costs down.
Cost Offsetting – The leasing cost can be offset against the profits of the business.
Road tax – The Vehicle Excise duty is provided for the entire length of the contract, again reducing outgoings.
Get a new vehicle at the end – If at the end of the agreement you decide that you want to continue leasing then you can simply hand the vehicle back and have an upgrade.
Branding – CVS Ltd company vehicle leasing allows you to have your company vehicle sign written
Tailored Agreement – CVS Ltd are able to create a company vehicle lease that works with your business budget.
Mileage – CVS Ltd talk to you about your mileage helping you to decide what mileage is right for your business.
Technology – The newer the business vehicle the better the technology, no business should see staff talking on mobile phones whilst driving and most of the latest vehicles whether they are cars or vans have Bluetooth.  Many vans come with a place to use your laptops easily, as more vans are doubling up as mobile offices.
Delivery – If you are located within 25 miles of CVS Ltd HQ its free delivery. Otherwise we can collect you from Gatwick airport of Edenbridge or Lingfield train station.
No Credit History – We accept new companies who do not have a credit history.
Bad Credit – CVS Ltd do not look at credit scores when looking at company vehicle leasing applications.

Disadvantages of company vehicle leasing

Terminating the contract – While you may have had the intentions of sticking the contract for the agreed duration, sometimes, circumstances change which can mean that you need to terminate the contract which will come at a cost depending how far into the leasing contract you are.
Mileage allowance – While this can work for many, if you do more miles than agreed there will be an excess mileage charge per every mile you have covered above what is agreed in the contract.
Vehicle condition – The contract will come with a Fair Wear and Tear Guide and so you will be expected to ensure that the vehicle is returned in good condition. Failing to do so will result in a charge.
The vehicle will never be yours- This is why more companies lease vehicles but its not for everyone.

Clearly, it is easy to see that the advantages of leasing a company vehicle outweigh the disadvantages.
company vehicle leasingCompany vehicle leasing is convenient and simple while ensuring that business owners know exactly what their budgets are. They provide a level of protection when it comes to reliability and because the agreement is fixed for an agreed period they know exactly when they will have to consider looking to extend their agreement.
It is company motoring made easy and that is exactly why it is growing in popularity amongst many businesses in the UK.

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