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How to get a new car at an affordable price to you

Car envy, what is the secret to getting a new car?

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You could also afford a BMW

Have you ever wondered how your neighbours and friends afford the latest cars?  Do you gaze out of the window with car envy as a work colleague jumps into the latest Nissan Juke with all the trimmings and technology?  Perhaps your neighbours shiny BMW is parked next to your old banger and you cannot work out how they afford it?  Are you squeezing your growing family into a small car that was only fit for purpose when you were childless?

Well the secret is out!

Welcome to the world of car leasing.

For many year’s car leasing was aimed at businesses, but in recently it has become more popular and available to individuals.  With many drivers on our roads enjoying worry free driving in the latest models of cars, with all the latest technology.

How a car lease works

There are two types of leasing agreements available for individuals they are PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) and PCH (Personal Contract Hire).  The difference between the two are PCP means you are in a contract to purchase the car at the end of your agreement at an agreed price, whereas PCH, you simply hand the car back once your lease has ended.

We will concentrate on PCH as this is the only lease we offer at CVS Ltd and quite frankly it is the best one, yep I know I would say that, but it is true!

Lease Agreements

With CVS Ltd we work with our customers to create a leasing agreement that suits a customer’s individual circumstances, most other car leasing companies have a one size fits all.  However, for the purposes of explanation we will take a general leasing agreement.Pch

Generally leasing agreements run for 3 years and require an initial payment and then 36 individual monthly repayments.


If your monthly repayments on a car are £200/month, you may be asked for 3 repayments up front meaning your initial payment will be £600.  This is a 3 (3 months payments in one go) x 36 (followed by 36 single monthly payments) payment profile. 

Your monthly repayments are dependent on the car you choose, and the amount of initial payment you make.

One of the many advantages of leasing with CVS Ltd is we will pay your road tax, and with the new increases coming in next month you will save at least £140/year. We also offer some excellent deals for business owners such as the self-employed or those running a limited company. Worth mentioning that if you’re looking for a new bookkeeper or accountant to manage on accounts we’d recommend One Abacus Accountants in London. They offer a wide variety of accountancy services at competitive prices.

Credit ratings

Credit ratings or credit scores have a huge impact on leasing a car, and although there are lots of deals out there for mainstream (good ratings/scores) if you are like many people and have a damaged credit score or rating then  you could find your self being declined.  I have good news about that though, CVS Ltd only work with customers who have a bad or poor credit rating / score.  So if you do find yourself being declined by other companies get in touch, find out more here.

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