Ghastly Cars We’d Love To Forget

Over the last half-century, it’s safe to say there have been a number of turgid vehicles which for better or worse, should have been aborted at the drawing board. To say western car manufacturers have a lot to answer for would be an understatement, especially when it comes to rolling death traps such as the infamous Ford Pinto, or every pre-VW takeover Skoda.

For a little Friday fun, the team at CVS Ltd have put our heads together (and scoured Google) to drag up memories of the ugliest, most counterproductive vehicles to hit the roads.

Delorean DMC-12

See, Back to the Future may have turned the flawed idealism behind this car into a sacred cow of cinema, but the reality is it’s simply a bad car. Leaky, unreliable, dodgy electronics and an obtuse door design – alas, none of this stopped the DMC-12 becoming an icon.

deloreanFord Pinto

As we mentioned, the Ford Pinto is frequently considered one of the most ill-thought out, and dangerous vehicles to pass Q&A. Released in 1971, issues soon arose when the vehicle began to explode from rear shock and bumps… Some argue that it was all a myth, but almost overnight, nobody felt safe in a Pinto.

Reliant Robin

You see some people love this car – Mr.Bean for example, but for the rest of us, it’s an unwieldy, fibreglass work of contrived cutesy nonsense. Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…

Lada Riva

An absolutely baffling vehicle: a cheap, ugly and counter-intuitive waste of money which was unfathomably popular in the UK. One of Russia’s oddest export success stories… 30,000 of these things were sold in Britain in 1988, most of them are now scrap no doubt.

Austin Allegro

The nadir of this list… just awful… here’s a quote from an honest Auto Express reader: “The poster child for everything bad about British car manufacturing in the seventies. Looked awful and handled dreadfully.”

What’s the ugliest/worst vehicle you’ve ever had the displeasure of driving? Let CVS Ltd know on Facebook and Twitter.

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