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Free road tax, changes coming in April 2017

No more free road tax for low emission cars

Some of us have been enjoying free road tax on our low emission cars, perhaps it was because of the free road tax you opted for your car?  Well that is all about to change.

In fact, the only way you will not have to pay road tax is if you have an electric car, if your car was registered before April 2017 or if you lease a vehicle from CVS Ltd.

Free road tax changesFrom April, no matter how low your emissions, you will be charged at a tiered first rate of £140.00, it is only 100% electric cars that will be free from road tax.

If paying road tax is yet another expense you could do without, and you have a bad credit score you should consider bad credit car leasing.

Government out of pocket

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the government realised just how much they were losing due to the free and low road tax rules.  With the new road tax prices coming into force some could see their car tax double in price.

I wonder if we will see any major improvements on our roads, such as less potholes?

Beating the system

It will be interesting to see the hike in pre-registered cars in February and March for those dealers who try to help avoid the new road tax costs.Free road tax changes

For the moment, the free road tax will make the pre-April registered cars quite sort after.

We will bring you the registered car numbers for February soon.

Car leasing is a great way to avoid paying road tax.  At CVS Ltd we buy the car you want and then lease it to you, and we will pay the road tax for the duration of your leasing agreement.  With the new road tax changes that could save you a nice lump of cash!  Take a look at bad credit personal car leasing for more details.

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