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Credit Scores Are So Important

Years ago many of us didn’t give our credit score a thought, however nowadays, whether it be because of the media or due to the fact that so many of us now get products on credit, we have become a nation almost obsessed.  However Low Credit History File Imagethis is a good thing, and we should all be very conscious of what our credit score is, and we should all be taking care of our finances in a more responsible way.  Why? Because if you have a less than perfect credit score you will find it very difficult to obtain credit for the essential things in life like a car, or a mortgage. Fortunately companies like Compass Vehicle Services only lease vehicles to people who have been turned away by mainstream companies.  Although we love to help our customers,

Cost of Congestion Hitting UK Businesses | News | CVS Ltd Blog

We see more vehicles on our roads, and not having the infrastructure to cope, we see increasing problems of congestion; which is hitting our businesses hard.

What Is The Cause Of Congestion?

Unfortunately as drivers our daily lives are pretty much the same… we get in our cars in the morning, we drive to work, we sometimes use our cars at lunchtime, and then we all pile out of work and try to make our way home…. all at pretty much the same sort of time!  We have to live our lives this way in order to be efficient, if we vastly changed our daily routines it would have a massive impact on our economy and our society.  It is the same across

It can be tough to find car finance or leasing services if your credit isn’t in the best of shape. In today’s choppy financial waters it’s easy for even the most conscientious borrower to find themselves falling behind or being a little late with the occasional payment, damaging their credit scores. Younger drivers who haven’t had a chance to establish a solid credit history can also find themselves in trouble. What can you do to overcome this obstacle when you need a vehicle?

Credit repair

In the medium to long term, repairing your credit is a good goal to work towards. You can do this yourself, by ordering your credit report from a credit scoring agency and going through any negative strikes against you. When you find errors or negative comments that you think your creditors might be willing to remove, you can contact those involved to have the strike removed. Unfortunately this is tedious,

Get a Premium Car Without Good Credit

Once upon a time getting behind the wheel of a premium car was just for those who had a good credit score and could get a good finance deal, those days are over and we make it possible for drivers even with a bad credit score to be able to drive a premium car such as an Audi an affordable option.

Leasing an Audi

There are many benefits to leasing an Audi rather than purchasing, no need to make that big payout. With leasing you make an initial payment followed by affordable monthly payments there after. The joys of having an Audi on lease is, after 3 years you can simply renew to the latest model, you can drive smug, whilst other drivers are stuck with their purchased Audi, watching it devalue and become out of date! The leased Audi is not your problem when it comes to depreciation,

bad credit car leasing options
Car merchants exist all over the world. However, if you’d wish to have your car from an authorized merchant, you may need to get some loan. Ordinarily, car dealerships do provide these loans at some rational interest rate. However, if one’s credit record isn’t impressive, one may have some troubles while applying for these car loans. However, this should no longer be something to worry. The reason for this is because it’s now very easy to apply and get bad credit-car loans. The following is a concrete overview of the car leasing process and the steps involved in applying even when having bad credit.

bad credit car leasing options

It needs to be well understood that banks or financial institutions normally will not give loans when having bad credit. This option of these loans will be given to clients, who go to certain authorized showrooms or establishments that deal

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