The 2017 Fiat Full Pickup Review

New Van Review – The 2017 Fiat Full Pickup

If you are looking for a pick up and top of the list are the Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger, or a Nissan Navara; you may want to have a good look at the Fiat Full Pickup first.

Fiat Full Pickup ReviewThis is a new market for Fiat, as this is the first ever full pickup they’ve mass-produced for general sale. However, do not let that put you off as Fiat are certainly sure of what they’re doing; this pickup is literally a Mitsubishi L200 copy, with a Fiat badge.

If you are a new business and are looking for a company vehicle then the Fiat Full Pickup would be a great choice.  If you are looking to lease one then take a look at business leasing, at CVS we have the best deals for new business with no credit history.

What’s on offer?

The base model of the Fiat Full Pickup comes with a 2.4 Litre diesel engine, pumping out 142 bhp. It also comes with more standard kit like DAB radio, cruise control, air conditioning, and hill assist. However no matter which model you pick, you are not going to find an automatic gearbox anywhere, all manual for Fiat. For £2000 more on the list price of you can get an upgraded 7-inch touchscreen and paddle shift gears on the steering wheel. Pay a little bit less that the £2k, you will find added features such as, the electric and heated seats, the privacy glass, bi-xenon headlights, satellite navigation, and lane departure warning.Fiat Full Pickup Review

Fuel Economy

The lowest powered model will give you a consumption figure of 44.2 mpg, whilst the higher-powered model will only reduce down to 42.2 mpg. Service intervals are at 12,500 miles or 12 months, however the warranty is only good for three years from initial purchase.  If you want a worry free drive then consider business leasing, 3 year lease means you can exchange for another new vehicle and start the process all over again – no need to worry about the pick depreciating either, another benefit of leasing.

Roomy and comfortable, if rather basic

There’s a roomy feel to the Fullback’s cab, but like its Mitsubishi sister car there’s a slightly dated feel to some of the fixtures and fittings. And while the pick-up is well equipped, both the Navara and Amarok beat it for that all-important premium ambience.

There’s lots of adjustment available for drivers of all sizes, and the double cab provides plenty of space for adults in the second row. Access is good too, thanks to the rear doors, but as is common in the pick-up sector low seats mean rear passengers sit with their knees up. The Fullback doesn’t feature any particularly notable cabin storage solutions either, but there’s a storage compartment between the front seats, narrow door bins and a small-ish glovebox.

The Fiat Full Pickup has a choice of 2 drive systems

Fiat Full Pickup Review

One handy feature of the Fiat Full Pickup is the option of two different drive systems. The SX, which is manual, has a three-position switch to control high-ratio two-wheel drive, or a low-ratio or high-ratio four-wheel drive. The LX instead comes with a Super Select 4×4 System, which allows you to choose from the three options on the SX, but also the option to lock the centre differential to improve traction.

Safety features

The features on offer for the standard safety kit are advanced traction and stability control system that also includes Trailer Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist, hazard lights that operate automatically under heavy braking, and even Lane Departure Warning as standard on the LX model. You also get seven airbags, but unfortunately there’s no Hill Descent Control.

For those looking for a basic manual vehicle that ticks all the boxes when it comes to size and levels of access, will the Fiat Full Pickup be the commercial vehicle for you? Yes, contact us today for either bad credit car leasing.


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