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Do I qualify to be accepted for a car lease from CVS Ltd

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At CVS Ltd we understand there are all manner of reasons why you may find yourself with a poor or bad credit score, but we live in the real world an do not believe this should stand in your way of leasing a car.  Below we explain ‘do I qualify’ to lease a car from CVS looking at the two main factors we concentrate on.

Its worth remembering that we have been specialising in sub prime vehicle leasing for over a decade, over those years we have helped countless people get behind the wheel of their car choice, despite being turned down by mainstream leasing companies.

Many of our customers have been declined by mainstream leasing companies!

There are only two things we take into account when assessing a personal or business application as to whether we should lease a car or van to them.


  1. Are you traceable?

What does traceable mean? It is not simply a question of whether you are on the electoral roll. It helps, but we will not discount an individual if they are not on the electoral roll. We consider a number of other issues such as how long you have been living in your home (you do not need to own it) and how long you Do I qualify to lease a car from CVShave been in your present employment/self employment etc.

  1. Can you afford the payments?

We review your last three months bank statements to assess whether you are able to afford the monthly payments.
We do not use any credit scoring methods, only people looking at your individual circumstances.

It really is that quick and simple!

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