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Drive More Efficiently
If you will be one of the 1.6 million people in the U.K. taking the practical driving test this year, you need to know about some of the major changes coming to the driving test from April 2017.
If you have recently experienced a separation then you are probably feeling pretty drained emotionally, aside from the emotions, there is the organising of finances, and then there is the car. Find out how to manage finances and get back on track.
Car Names A
I have a Citroen called Francoise, and my Director Graham has an Austin called Frank, its surprising how many of us name our cars. Interestingly, and according to AA Driving School, four out of ten people have given their cars names, that’s 39% of drivers! Read more....
Iva Car Lease
With reports that car insurance is about to sour, with young drivers bearing the brunt, what can you do to help get the best deals on your car insurance.
Bad credit car lease

More people in the UK are opting to get a car lease rather than purchase, why buy a car when you can lease, but what happens if you want a car lease but you have a rather unhealthy credit score? You need a bad credit car lease.bad credit car lease

With any kind of finance when you approach a company and apply for credit they will automatically check your credit score, before even getting to know you as a customer.  It is for that reason that many people find themselves being rejected before even getting a chance to talk anyone about their circumstances, and this is where bad credit car leasing becomes an option.

How to get a car lease with a bad credit score.

At CVS Ltd we recognised

Vw Crafter
If you’re looking at a Van this year, and your options take into account the likes of a Ford Transit, or a Mercedes Sprinter, you might want to have a serious look at the Volkswagen Crafter. This is a sizeable upgrade from the Transporter, so if you require something bigger, and have a thing for VW, it’s definitely worth putting on your list.
New Van Review – The 2017 Iveco Daily E6

iveco daily e6If you are looking at upgrading your van, and are considering vans such as the Ford Transit or the Mercedes Sprinter, the Iveco Daily E6 should also be one on the list to check out.

What’s on offer?

Starting strong, there is not another van on the market that can match the Iveco Daily’s 7 tonne maximum gross weight and its 19.6m-cubed maximum load volume; this is in part down to the Daily’s separate chassis and body combination, much like a heavy truck. Unlike its competitors that choose to provide a unibody configuration, separation allows for heavier loads to be carried.

Mot What Is Checked
In the UK if you have a car then you have an MOT, if you don’t then your car insurance may be invalid and when it comes to getting a car tax you won’t be able to. Basically, having an MOT on your car is the law, and one way or another you will be caught out.
Audi A Review
The Audi A8 may seem like it’s all about good looks and sleek interiors. But there is much more to it. As standard across the Audi range, your A8 can come with a variety of additional safety features. From lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control to a night vision camera. Furthermore, its night vision kit boasts hi-tech LED Matrix headlights that can project 250 metres ahead without dazzling oncoming traffic.
In my time at CVS Ltd I have spoken to a lot of customers who all share the same frustrations – they all have had in some way or another, financial problems in the past. Whether it is from making bad financial decisions, or have suffered as a result of an ex partner (personal and business). All of whom are trying to get back on track yet being declined by other mainstream finance companies. The real frustration is that many customers are now in a totally different situation, yet their credit score speaks louder than they do – Not At CVS Ltd!
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