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Bad credit? Car finance needn’t be a problem
It can be tough to find car finance or leasing services if your credit isn’t in the best of shape. In today’s choppy financial waters it’s easy for even the most conscientious borrower to find themselves falling behind or being a little late with the occasional payment, damaging their credit scores. Younger drivers who haven’t had a chance to establish a solid credit history can also find themselves in trouble. What can you do to overcome this obstacle when you need a vehicle?

Credit repair

In the medium to long term, repairing your credit is a good goal to work towards. You can do this yourself, by ordering your credit report from a credit scoring agency and going through any negative strikes against you. When you find errors or negative comments that you think your creditors might be willing to remove, you can contact those involved

Getting A Decent Car Without The Big Pay Out

Once upon a time getting behind the wheel of a premium car was just for those who had a good credit score and could get a good finance deal, those days are over and at Ultracar we make it possible for drivers even with a bad credit score to be able to drive a premium car such as an Audi an affordable option.

Leasing an Audi

There are many benefits to leasing an Audi rather than purchasing, no need to make that big payout, with leasing you make an initial payment followed by affordable monthly payments there after. The joys of having an Audi on lease is, after 3 years you can simply renew to the latest model, you can drive smug, whilst other drivers are stuck with their purchased Audi, watching it devalue and become out of date! The leased Audi is not your problem

Fixed Penalty Notice A fixed penalty notice is issued either directly from the police, say if you are pulled over for not wearing a seat belt, to receiving one through the post where you have been caught on a speed camera. What is a Fixed Penalty Notice A fixed penalty notice is an alternative to prosecution in front of a magistrate court, however if you wish to challenge the fixed penalty Notice you will have to do so in court. If you accept guilt then you need to pay the fine or collect the points on your drivers licence. Do not ignore a fixed penalty notice… it will not go away….. if you do nothing you will eventually be summons to court. In many cases if you pay within in a fixed amount of time then you will find that the actual penalty fine is reduced. The History of the fixed penalty notice. In the 1950’s the fixed penalty fine was brought in to deal with minor parking offenses, used by the police and traffic wardens. A wider range of minor traffic offenses were covered by the penalties in the 1988 Road Traffic Act. The road traffic act 1991 saw an increase of use for the fixed penalty notice, many of the fixed penalty notices have been taken over by local authorities freeing up the police. In more recent yea

bad credit car leasing options
Car merchants exist all over the world. However, if you’d wish to have your car from an authorized merchant, you may need to get some loan. Ordinarily, car dealerships do provide these loans at some rational interest rate. However, if one’s credit record isn’t impressive, one may have some troubles while applying for these car loans. However, this should no longer be something to worry. The reason for this is because it’s now very easy to apply and get bad credit-car loans. The following is a concrete overview of the car leasing process and the steps involved in applying even when having bad credit.

bad credit car leasing options

It needs to be well understood that banks or financial institutions normally will not give loans when having bad credit. This option of these loans will be given to clients, who go to certain authorized showrooms or establishments that deal

The New Vauxhall Viva City Car

Here in the UK we like to stay true to Vauxhall, as a patriotic lot many of us do think about Vauxhall for a vehicle because they are still being built here in the UK…. however Vauxhall remain competitive in the car industry making sure they have strong contenders within in each category of vehicle whether it be family car, crossover or executive…
so no surprise that the new Viva will give other cars in its class a run of their money.
The new Viva is smaller that its 1960 namesake, and falls into the city car class. This is already a very competitive market so lets take a look at why Vauxhall think they are on to a winner…..

The Viva City car

The new Viva is not going to really turn any heads, and when placed with its rivals other models do look better in

Bad Credit Car Finance

There are a number of opportunities for those with bad credit to acquire car finance, and certain companies will provide advice and guidance to those who wish to buy a vehicle but have a poor credit history.

A Bad credit history can be incurred by a range of circumstances and difficulties, and customers in this situation may be in a position where they are on a debt management plan, cannot afford a deposit or have loan defaults because of missed payments.

In some cases a bad credit history can be acquired simply by having had no credit in the last 6 years, which means that you do not have a track record that can be assessed by those providing car finance, or alternatively you may be self-employed. As you can see, the reasons for poor credit history can be numerous

Five Steps to Buying a Car on Bad Credit

Car leasing on bad credit can be very frustrating and stressful. When you are out to buy a car on credit, it might seem almost impossible since most car dealers will put a heavy rate on your loan without consideration. Many dealers will also turn your request down due to bad credit. However, it is possible to get a car even with bad-credit without much stress and frustration. Below are the necessary steps to car leasing on bad credit.

Do Thorough Research
Look keenly at your credit report and point out the key issues. Imagine yourself as the loan officer and critically examine your credit statement. Often consumers tend to see wrong statements in their report that are not meant to be there. Correct the mistakes in your report so that as you present it to your potential lender, you know each detail

Investing In Classic Cars

For a long time investing in classic cars has given excellent ROI of about 331.9% however in the past couple of years we have seen this slow right down falling about 14% since 2015.

Cars remain the best investments

Classic cars still remain a better investment compared to other investment items such as coins, wine and jewelry.
Those investing in classic cars have the added problem of storage costs, where as wine and other smaller items are cheaper to store.

You also have to consider maintenance, cars are made to be driven, if they are left too long standing this could cause damage to the engine, then your investment will plummet..

Brexit and classic cars

Whilst many are waiting to see the outcome of Brexit, this means that people who would normally spend their money on investments are holding back.
This has an impact on the classic car investment,

Guide for Buying a Car When You Have Bad Credit
The auto lending industry relies on the buyers’ credit scores and other factors to award car loans to borrowers. As such, buyers with high credit scores (670-739) obtain low interest loans while those with low credit scores are regarded as high-risk borrowers hence, the high interest rates charged on their auto loans. It should not deter borrowers with poor credit scores to apply for car loans. They only need to understand the impact of their current credit scores, follow proper credit repair plans and determine how much they can afford to spend on new vehicles. This guide shows how borrowers with bad credit can acquire new cars.

Determine How Bad Your Credit Is

There exist different channels for evaluating a credit score. You can obtain an annual report from the credit bureau, view credit card online portals or visit credit reporting companies. The reports

No Car? Poor Credit? Don’t Despair!
If you lack credit they may have problems in both car buying and car leasing. Good credit guarantees that a transaction will pass smoothly and the person who makes the sale is solvent. If you do pay your credit card bills or are declared bankrupt you credit score decreases and you will get into poor credit.
Another reason why you may get into poor credit is when you are starting a business. The banks see you as a credit risk at this stage. Unfortunately it such an eventuality where you will really need a car!
If you are not sure of your credit score offhand it is always a good idea to check it. There are places online where you can find it out for free.
A vehicle may be purchased quite cheaply, it is the extras that cost, such as insurance, petrol, MOT and

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