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Child seat law changes 2017

Child seat law changes 

new child seat law changes

Example of backless booster seat

If child seats were not confusing enough, we see a new law coming in on March the 1st 2017 regarding backless booster seats, so what are the changes and how will they effect us?

Who does the new child seat law changes effect?

The new child seat mainly effects the child seat manufacturers who will no longer be able to produce backless child seats for children shorter than 125 cm (4ft1) tall, or weighing less than 22kg (3 stone 6.5 pounds).

Will I be breaking the law by using an existing seat that does not meet the new regulations?

If you are already using a booster seat that does not meet the new regulations you are not breaking the law (The Department of Transport Government Website), it

new child seat law changes

Booster seat with back support

simply means that you will not be able to buy a new backless booster seat for children that do not meet the new height and weight requirements.  However your existing booster seat should still comply with all safety regulations (ECE R4/04 Law).

It should be noted that if you are using a backless existing booster seat you should consider changing to a high back for the best safety for your child, and keeping them in it for as long as possible, certainly up to 22kg.

Evidence shows that high-backed group 2/3 (booster) car seats do offer a higher level of safety protection compared with backless booster car seats.

What will be different in March when I go to buy a child seat after the new child seat law changes have come in?

From March the 1st 2017 when you go to purchase a new booster seat you may well be asked to confirm height and weight of your child.  All new child booster seats will be clearly labelled with the correct height and weight restrictions.

There are no new laws coming in soon to ban all child booster seats.


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