Child Seat Confusion

Do you have child seat confusion?


Here is our guide on how to choose the best car seat for your child.

Picking a car seat can be daunting. As parents we want to protect our children as best we can, but how do you know which one is right for your child whilst ensuring that you are following the current car seat regulations?

Here at CVS Ltd, we’re offering our customers with any lease deals completed in September a £50 Gift Card from Halfords that can be used towards a car seat, and below, we offer some advice as to how to get the right one for your child.

Whilst it is true that there are many different types of seat, picking the correct seats for certain ages as well as weights is vital. Car seat types nowadays include those that rear face for longer and some that can rear face and then be faced forward as your child grows.

However, there are really just 3 main categories of seat that should see your child through from birth to 12 (or 135cm).

UK Law regarding child car seats currently states (12/09/2016) that all children must use a seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm (4ft 5in) tall, whichever occurs first. 

Birth to Infant

Weight: 0-13kg (29lbs)

Age: Birth to 12/15 months (approximately)

Offering the best protection for delicate babies and small infants, these rear facing seats are often referred to as Infant carriers. They can easily be removed from the car, and taken inside without waking the sleeping occupant. Some can be clipped onto pram bases, making them even more versatile. Depending on the model these can be seat belt fixed or used with an iso fix base.

Infant to Pre-Schooler

Weight: 9-18kg (40lbs)

Age: 9 months – 4 years

This group includes the more traditional forward facing seat, and the increasingly popular extended rear facing seats. Both of these use a 3-point seat belt within the seat to secure the child in place. You can also get combination seats in this age range – these can rear face for longer and also have the option to be turned to forward facing.

Pre-Schooler to Pre-teen

Weight: 15-36kg (79lbs)

Age:  4 – 12 years

High Back Boosters are the seat of choice for older children. These use the cars seat belt to hold the child in place. Most of these have an adjustable headrest that can grow with the child meaning they should last a long time. Children can remain in a high back booster until they have exceeded the weight limit for added car safety.


Although there is an overlap between the weight ranges of the different groups of seats it is always better for a child to remain in a car seat until they reach the upper weight limit before moving onto the next size, this offers them the best protection in the event of an accident.

Car Seat Tips


  • Make sure it fits your choice of car: Check with a car seat retailer or manufacturers website to see if the car seat you are looking at will fit your vehicle. Not all car seats fit all cars.
  • If possible it is always better to have the seat fitted in your car to make sure it fits correctly.
  • Consider the car’s accessibility, it can be very difficult to secure your child properly in an extended rear facing car seat if the vehicle is a 3 door one.
  • Make sure car seat straps are sufficiently tight during travel. You should only be able to fit 1 or 2 fingers between your child’s chest and the belt. Padded clothing can affect this so consider using a blanket rather than a padded snowsuit or coat to keep your child warm.


Above all, remember when choosing child seats – the best seats for your child should be based on their weight and age, but it’s also about the car your seat will be going in – so research the options that will best fit in your car before you hit the shops. The last thing you’ll want is to purchase a car seat that you can’t get in – or out- of your vehicle!

You can find an excellent check list here before purchasing your child seat located on

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Please note that the information in this post is for guidance only and no members of the CVS Ltd staff are qualified in child safety or child seats – We are just parents, grand parents, aunties and uncles.

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