CES 2017 in Las Vegas is in full swing, Future Tech, Future Cars

Despite my best efforts to get a budget to fly out and check out the latest tech for cars at the CES 2017 Conference FOR YOU, I am sad to say I failed epically!  Therefore, I have been scanning the net to find out what is of interest to us car lovers.

Xavier and Audi at CES 2017

Not the latest trend in children’s names but a new partnership between Navidia’s new computer named Xavier, to enable self-driving cars and Audi.  The partnership is promising highly-automated Audi vehicles by 2020.  The term ‘highly automated’ tends to mean drive themselves in certain circumstances such as on certain roads.

CES 2017Navidia have been developing the self-driving technology for 10 years and Xavier will be the driving brain of the car, processing data from sensors, determining the cars location and making decisions.

Xavier described as a system on a chip uses an octa-core ARM64 processor, Volta graphics processing unit (GPU) architecture to do 30,000 TOPS (Trillion operations per second).

One step further for self-driving technology announced at CES 2017

Navidia are also promoting the development of AI Co-Pilot.  This will be systems to detect cars surroundings and a camera inside the car to monitor the driver.  This would give the car self-driving capabilities but still relies on the human driver.

The system will be able to monitor the drivers gaze, and alert to obstacles in the other direction.

What’s more the system will also be able to lip read and Navidia CEO tells us this is 95% accurate.  Not sure how it will cope with people with road rage, duck farms may see an increase in visitors!

BMW at CES 2017

CES 2017

BMW’s Inside Future concept shows what it thinks car cabins could look like.

Not to be out done at CES 2017 BMW are showing off their Personal Co-Pilot which is still in development.

The BMWs Co Pilot will be also linked to Microsoft Cortana and you will be able to book restaurants on the move along with having places of interest pointed out whilst you travel.  Any particular places which are of interest are just a touch away where you will hear all details. So you can enjoy a guided tour whilst your car takes care of the driving.

A BMW spokesperson is reported to say that some of the features seen at CES 2017 could find their way into production cars within the next 2 years.

Other Cool Car Stuff at CES 2017


Delphi Autonomous Audi

Delphi Dash

Delphi Autonomous Audi Dash

Chrysler Portal Concept

Chrysler Portal concept at CES 2017

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