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Its car tinkering time!!

Extra daylight hours, extra time for your car.

Finally we can quite literally see the light, that is the extra daylight, as the 26th March approaches, and we all pop our clocks forward by an hour in the UK.

This triggers many of us to get out out an about, and if you are a petrol head, out into your garage to dust off your spanners and take a look at that forgotten project, covered by items dumped over the winter months.  With us all spending more time outside and in our garages, what should the perfect garage have.

Aside from the usual tools, ramps, spare parts and ‘those tyre calendars’ what should the ideal garage have?

Garage comforts

Image of the ideal clean garage

In our dreams our garage would look like this

Its amazing how when you start to work in your garage, and the sun is shining, suddenly everyone wants to be your friend.  This especially happens when you are trying to do something which is either very difficult and/or fiddly, and you really do not have time to talk.  So make sure you have a kettle and all other tea making facilities, so you can get the ‘interupter’ to make you a brew.  Hopefully this will give you a bit of extra time before you start putting the world to rights, or learn that you should have done what you have just done a different way!

Whist we are on the topic of refreshments, a fridge is a great accessory to any garage, keeping the beers cold and your sandwiches chilled.

Make sure you stay comfortable

Adjustable seat on wheels is good for working at a bench, and on your car wheeling back and forth.  Don’t forget a creeper, this will make life much more comfortable getting in and out from under your car. 

Man on creeper under car

Get a creeper this will make working under a car much more comfortable

Electric or gas heater for the colder days, and a fan to keep cool in the 2 days of summer we may get.

Added essential

Aside from all the tools, jacks etc if you have not already got a compressor get one! They really are the ‘dogs whats its’ and can do all sorts from blowing parts clean to inflating tyres and quite literally everything in between.

The wealth of the internet

Make sure you have a tablet or laptop to hand so you can do your research, should you need to.  Pretty much everything is covered on the internet, so should you find yourself wondering how to do something just ‘Google’.  You can do this on your mobile but its much easier to to see on a larger screen.

If your garage or drive way is either looking empty or is home to an old banger, perhaps its time to explore getting a new car.  Why not consider leasing as an upgrade option? Find out more here.


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