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Ford Fiesta Car Review - CVS Ltd Blog
The Ford Fiesta  hatchback has been the most popular super-mini  in the UK for over a decade. It launched in 1976 and has gone through many versions since then to the seventh generation of the Fiesta launched in 2017. The cabin and the driver-assistance technology had a major re-vamp and the overall look was modernised.
Audi A3 Sportback Review
Sportback is the name given to the five-door variant of Audi's compact hatchback. The Audi A3 Sportback is a family hatchback that starts at £22,190   According to Audi the sharp and expressive lines give the Audi A3 Sportback a dynamic look. 
Jawdropping Convertibles 2017.

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With summer on its way, and a new batch of cars fresh off the production line, many of us might just be thinking about an upgrade, perhaps even go topless. Despite the changeable and often wet weather we get in the UK, we actually buy more convertibles than any other country in Europe. In fact, our mild summers provide the perfect conditions for driving with the roof down. You still get the fresh air and the sunshine, but don’t have to worry so much about heat stroke or sunburn.
Fortunately, driving a convertible no longer means droughts, leaks and a flapping canvas. Today’s convertibles offer drivers comfort and refinement that you would expect with any solid-roofed vehicle.
This year brings with it an array of great convertibles to tempt you. But,

Austin Mini Classic
The Classic Austin Mini.

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Produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) from 1959 to 2000, the Mini is a small economy car with huge iconic appeal – not just on the road but on the big screen as well. The Original Mini is certainly considered something of an icon. It had a space saving traverse engine front-wheel drive layout which made it very popular because it allowed for 80% of its floorplan to be used for passengers and luggage, something which influenced many other car manufacturers.

Image of the Austin Mini in white

Image Source Classic Car Mag

In 1999 the Mini was voted the second-most influential car of the twentieth centur [...]

Valentine’s day is here and whilst we look forward to romantic meals this evening, and many men panic buying at petrol stations on their way home from work, which cars do we love the most in the UK.According to SMMT data so far for this year we are up 2.3% on car sales from the same month in 2016 the number of new car registrations in January 2017 174,564. This is a great start to the year for the motor industry, who have seen growth over the past 5 years consistently.
Fiat Full Pickup Review
This is a new market for Fiat, as this is the first ever full pickup they’ve mass-produced for general sale. However, do not let that put you off as Fiat are certainly sure of what they’re doing; this pickup is literally a Mitsubishi L200 copy, with a Fiat badge. Available to business or personal lease with bad credit!
Audi A Review
The Audi A8 may seem like it’s all about good looks and sleek interiors. But there is much more to it. As standard across the Audi range, your A8 can come with a variety of additional safety features. From lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control to a night vision camera. Furthermore, its night vision kit boasts hi-tech LED Matrix headlights that can project 250 metres ahead without dazzling oncoming traffic.
Skoda Octavia
If you’re looking for an affordable, spacious family vehicle, then you can’t really go wrong with the Skoda Octavia. A large hatchback, it competes with the VW Golf on price, but is more like the VW Passat in size.
The VW Golf is an absolute all rounder, and has been for many years; hence the seventh generation of the same name. It is the go to choice for family cars, and whilst it isn’t cheap to buy for those with a lower budget, it is a great choice for a leasing option.
Hyundai I
In our opinion the Hyundai i30 is probably one of the best looking five-door hatchback on the market. With its bright LED lights and a hexagonal grille, with sculpted lines that flow along the body of the car, it certainly has a good look.
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