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How To Valet Your Car
We all like our cars to look as good as possible at all times, and it can be disheartening to see dirt building up on the outside of the vehicle. With this being the case, it is good to give it a wash from time to time – but what is the best way to clean your car?
How To Save Money On Fuel
Save on Fuel and Save Money We are all constantly on the go driving around in our car, long journeys and short journey, before we know it the fuel gage is telling us we need to get more fuel. With petrol prices starting to crawl upwards, how can we save on fuel?
Garage Creeper
Finally we can quite literally see the light, that is the extra daylight, as the 26th March approaches, and we all pop our clocks forward by an hour in the UK. This enables us more time with our projects, its car tinkering time folks!
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