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Ford Fiesta City Car Zetec | Petrol | 5 door | Manual

£259 per month + VAT

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Ford Fiesta Red - FrontFord Fiesta Red - SideFord Fiesta Red - Side viewFord Fiesta OrangeFord Fiesta BlueLease Any Vehicle
Ford Fiesta Red - FrontFord Fiesta Red - SideFord Fiesta Red - Side viewFord Fiesta OrangeFord Fiesta BlueLease Any Vehicle

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Finance Details

Contract Length

36 months

Payment Profile

3 + 35

35 Monthly Payments of

£259 + VAT Per Month

Initial Payment

Your first month's payment

£777 + VAT

Deal Details

Road Tax


Manufacturer's Warranty


Annual Mileage

Higher annual mileage can be quoted on application


Free local delivery. Nationwide delivery available

Ford Fiesta City Car

We are pleased, and would be foolish not too, offer a Ford Fiesta bad credit car leasing deal.  This particular example price plan is for 3 years but we also have a special Ford Focus poor credit 2 year leasing deal to anyone who would prefer a shorter term.

So why I hear you ask would we be foolish not to offer the Ford Fiesta?  Well since 1976 over 18 million have been sold and out of that 18 million over 4 million have been sold in the UK!  It has been selling strongly for the best part of 10 years and is still selling well now.

The Ford owes it success to delivering a car that drivers actually want, something affordable,something reliable, something that drives well and looks good.

The Ford Fiesta has a lovely interior with a large centre console, that is very easy to use, and depending on the range you decide to go with come with all the specification technology we come to expect with any car on the market these days.

Driving the Fiesta is very easy it has a nice gearbox and the steering is light and precise, definitely a driving experience to put a little smile on your face

As small family cars go this is a cracker and has all the space you would expect from a family hatchback, if you have a very young family then the 5 door is the better option.

The Ford Fiesta in Summary

In summary the Ford Fiesta is pretty much the best car on the road, it looks great, its very practical, very reliable and is an ideal small family car.  Any car that has been around for generations can’t be bad!





Body Type

City Car



















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