Car leasing – Unknown Fear

Why Aren’t More People Leasing?

With so many fantastic car leasing deals on the market for prime and sub prime customers I wonder – Why aren’t more people leasing their cars? Is it simply a fear of the unknown?

As the Marketing Manager of CVS Ltd I have been following up with existing customers, and customers who were accepted yet decided not to go ahead with a deal.  The results have been interesting and I hope will levitate your concerns regarding car leasing – unknown fear.

Broken promises

car leasing - unknown fearOne of the most frustrating things about car shopping online, and something I have found recently with my own search for a new car, is the broken promise of a deal.  You find the car you want, at the price you want, and when you have trawled through to the bitter end you find that the deal actually does not exist, and in fact it is going to cost you a lot more than the promised deal you first clicked on.  I guess the whole if it is too good to be true then it probably is! 

I personally fall into mainstream (by the skin of my teeth) which offers me a huge range of companies offering me excellent deals.  If you are falling into subprime (having a poor or bad credit score) then your options of companies are less.  However, and luckily for you, CVS Ltd are a transparent bad credit car leasing company. 

The cars and prices we show are all marked as an example to give guidance, as we are able to tailor a bad credit car leasing company to suit your individual requirements.  As a subprime car leasing company our prices will be slightly higher than mainstream, as you would expect, but don’t worry we are still very competitive and the deal agreed is the deal you will get.

The fear of a contract.

Commitment issues….. If you are new to leasing, then getting into a 2 or 3 year or longer car leasing contract could be a bit daunting. 

If you are new to a company, and unsure how they will be when dealing with them on car leasing - unknown feara monthly basis, or how their customer service should you have any problems. So it is understandable that the feedback from some of the customers we accepted, who had commitment issues told us that the thought of being tied into a contract for a length of time made them feel nervous. 

Obviously if you decide to end your leasing agreement before the agreed term there will be a penalty – there will be from any car leasing company. 

What we have been able to do for our customers at CVS Ltd is in the first instance is discuss at the point of an enquiry any concerns that our customers may have.  This includes budgets and leasing contract lengths.  In fact, we have had now introduced one-year bad credit car leasing deals, for those who would like to try out leasing before getting into a longer term contract. Furthermore, if you are regular with your payments, then there may be the opportunity to upgrade your car on a longer term contract after 6 months.

Initial payments or Deposits?

Firstly, lets clear up the difference in wording.  Deposits are related to finance deals and Initial payments are related to leasing.  

Initial payments are whatever the agreed monthly payment is, and this really does depend on how much you are able to afford.  In some cases, and in special deals CVS Ltd do offer 1 up front which means you are only paying for one month’s leasing upfront as an initial payment. However please note that as a subprime car leasing company we would need to see very clear evidence that you are able to meet the regular monthly payments, for you to fall into this kind of deal. 

However, it is possible to get a bad credit car leasing deal for as little as £500 initial payment. This just highlights another good reason for you to discuss your requirements at your enquiry point.

Regular payments

These are your regular leasing payments on the car, the amount is dependent on what you are able to pay as an initial payment and what type of car you have chosen.

The smaller the car and the larger the initial payment – the less the regular payments will be.

CVS Ltd bad credit car leasing deals.

car leasing - unknown fear

In the first instance get in touch with us and discuss your requirements, this will allow us to understand your current circumstances and create a bad credit car leasing agreement to suit your individual requirements – not many car leasing companies can say that.

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