Can I lease a car with a CCJ?

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Can I lease a car with a CCJ?

A car lease is possible with a CCJ at Compass Vehicle Services Limited (CVS Ltd), but before we learn how we can lease a car with one, lets look at what a CCJ actually is.

What is a CCJ?

CCJ stands for County Court Judgement these are issued to someone who has failed to pay money that they owe, and are brought to court by the people who owed the money.

What you need to know about a CCJ

If you owe money to someone they can apply to the county court for a judgement so they can claim their money back.  The court will decide if there is a debt that needs to be paid and it is at this point that the court will set out how the debt will be paid.

Don’t ignore letters

CCJ car leaseIf someone is taking action against you, you will receive a CCJ Claim Form this will explain how much debt you owe.  You will also be sent an admission form, this will allow you to defend the claim and needs to be done within 14 days. Do not ignore these in the hope they will go away, they will not and if you fail to get the admissions form back within the 14 days the CCJ may be issued anyway in a default judgement.

There are various options available to you with CCJ’s

You can either

  • Pay the debt in full straight away – This eliminates a court hearing and no CCj will be recorded against you.
  • Fill out the form asking to pay in instalments
  • Send the forms back to dispute the debt – If you feel that you do not owe the money then you can put your own case forward.  The court will then decide who is in the right.
  • If you feel that you do not owe the debt return the defence form, clearly setting out your argument.  Note that you can fill out Acknowledgement of service form in this you can ask for more time.
  • If you feel that it is in fact you who are owed money, you will need to fill out a counter claim.

CCJ payments

If you are unable to make the payment on CCJ in court you can organise a payment programme which is affordable to your income.

It is important to understand that if you do not make payment then the person you owe the money to can go back to court to enforce the judgement, not only will this incur more costs but this could even extend to bailiffs visiting you. CCJ car lease

How long is a CCJ recorded

There is a CCJ register – The Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines and the CCJ will stay on there for 6 years.

What does a CCJ mean to you in the future.

If you are applying for any kind of finance, that finance company will do a credit check on you and your CCJ will show up.  So even if you feel that you should not have been taken to court but you neglected to act in the early stages you will still have the CCJ registered against you.

Getting a car lease with a CCJ

CCJ car lease6 years is a long time and even if you were having financial difficulty then, does not mean you are having financial problems now.  It is for this exact reason that CVS Ltd do not look at credit scores and credit checks as their first port of call.

We look at affordability and traceability in our leasing applications see more here.

We hope that this has been a good explanation of CCJ’s, Please note that we are not legal professionals, if you have any concerns regarding CCJ’s you should seek advice from a professional.

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