Car Leasing with Bad Credit

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Car leasing with bad credit has been made simple by CVS Ltd.

Car leasing - bad credit

When you learn that you have a bad credit score you may feel incredibly fed up and some people feel a little embarrassed, however having bad credit effects many people from all walks of life and for all manner of reasons.  Unfortunately this does put you in a position where mainstream lenders will decline any applications for finance, however at CVS Ltd we welcome you; Car leasing with bad credit is our speciality.

Having a bad credit score does mean that you fall into subprime, and therefore you will be paying a higher price than mainstream customers with a good credit score.  The reason for this is you are considered, based on your credit score, a slight risk, will you make your repayments, are you reliable?

At CVS Ltd we do not consider your car leasing application on your credit score, we understand the real world, and that despite you having a bad credit score , this does not always reflect your current circumstances.Car leasing - bad credit

Car leasing bad credit, what does CVS Ltd look at?

car leasing bad credit

As mentioned above we do not look at your credit score when you apply to us for car leasing with bad credit, we look at two factors;

Are your traceable?

How long have you been at your current address, are you able to provide evidence of living at that address.  We will ask you for a copy of your drivers licence which if it is up to date will have your address on it, if you have recently moved then we may ask you for other supporting evidence such as a utility bill.

Can you afford the repayments?

We will ask you for copies of 3 months current bank statements so we can see what your current financial situation is.

Its good to talk.

It is worth you getting in touch with CVS Ltd and talking to our advisers, we offer a very personal service and by talking to us we can really get a good understanding of your current situation.  For example your bank statements may show that you cannot afford your repayments, but you are about to start a new job which will change this.  The more we learn about you the more we are able to help you with your car leasing with bad credit application.

Car leasing - bad credit cars

Example of cars and leasing plans available

Car leasing with bad credit, how do I apply?


You can either call us or text: CAR4 to 66777 and we will give you a call back, alternatively fill out the contact form.  All communications with CVS Ltd are treated confidentially and we will not share your information with any third parties.  

Once you have spoken to our advisers they will send you a car leasing application form, however if you wish to speed the process up then you can also fill the form out securely on line for either Personal Leasing or Business leasing bad credit

Once we have received your application form along with your supporting documents we will be able to give you an answer within 2 working days.

It really is that simple, soon you will be behind the wheel of your new car, we look forward to welcoming you as one of our satisfied customers.


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