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Parking Spaces
When you live on a busy street, which is close to a school, shops or a train station you may well face the stress of finding a parking space near your home. Are there any laws which can help you?
New Laws Chil Booster Seats
If child seats were not confusing enough, we see a new law coming in on March the 1st 2017 regarding backless booster seats, so what are the changes and how will they effect us?
Box Junction
Box Junctions

Every driver will be aware of box junctions and the confusion and problems that comes with them. They were first introduced in 1967 and were implemented to help ease congestion and traffic junctions

They are one of the laws of the road that makes driving difficult for people because of the way in which it can put drivers in a position of breaking the law.  The box junctions are located, in many cases, in heavily congested areas, where cars need to nudge out into traffic to be able to get anywhere.

Traffic on the roads is becoming more and more congested, meaning that unless you are able to edge out and take the only available gap, you could find yourself sitting at a junction for many minutes at a [...]

Drivers and cyclists – looking out for each other?

Drivers and Cyclists

In recent years, it seems as though the relationship between drivers and cyclists has been placed under intense scrutiny. Stories have emerged of drivers and cyclists going head –to-head over disagreements while there is footage of some drivers forcing cyclists off the road.

As the UK increases its awareness of the environment, rising costs of fuel, unreliable public transport, more of us are putting on our lycra and choosing to cycle instead of drive.  What can we do to improve the relations between drivers and cyclists?

So, what can drivers do to help [...]

Do you have child seat confusion?  Here is our guide on how to choose the best car seat for your child.Picking a car seat can be daunting. As parents we want to protect our children as best we can, but how do you know which one is right for your child whilst ensuring that you are following the current car seat regulations? Here at CVS Ltd, we’re offering our customers with any lease deals completed in September a £50 Gift Card from Halfords that can be used towards a car seat, and below, we offer some advice as to how to get the right one for your child.Whilst it is true that there are many different types of seat, picking the correct seats for certain ages as well as weights is vital. Car seat types nowadays include those that rear face for longer and some that can rear face and then be faced forward as your child grows. However, there are really just 3 main categories of seat [...]
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