From car gadget to car standard

Car Gadgets car standard, what will we see next?

We are constantly trying to improve our driving experience, with increased traffic comes increased journey times. So it is no wonder that we are able to buy more gadgets for our cars to make the experience more comfortable, interesting, and well quite frankly more homely.

car gadget car standard



It was interesting to see in the news today reported by autoexpress “Garmin tie-up announced at CES 2017 with intelligent driving video recorder tech to be installed as standard”

Dash Cams moving from car gadget to car standard

Dash cams are the new gadget, now that we have the the mobile hands free sector all tied up nicely.  Dash Cam’s are not only extremely useful should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident allowing you to have video evidence, but also for uploading to social media.  You are now able to see on social media, along side people eating their lunch and holiday snaps, ‘the idiot driver in front’.  Yes you can now be videoed, named and shamed which could also go viral, millions of people can witness video evidence and have their opinion.  The dash cam can also, if you are that way inclined, be turned on yourself whilst driving so you can record yourself belting out an Adele song!

Which gadgets are the next car gadget car standard?

On a serious note though, look back and you will see parking sensors and hands free now generally come as standard, and I am sure in the near future most car models will come with an inbuilt video cam.  Lets hope that if you have the dash cam on board the insurance companies will look at this positively and you will pay less.

Its interesting to see that what we consider as a gadget now could become as standard in our future cars.

So what would you like to see as standard in a car which is currently only available as a gadget?

I am swaying towards a coffee maker and a portable toilet, I wonder which car manufacturer will be taking that on board?

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