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Cost of congestion

Congestion is hitting business in the UK
Congestion Problems Are Hitting Our Businesses Hard

As we see more vehicles on our roads, and not having the infrastructure to cope, we see increasing problems of congestion, which is hitting our bushinesses hard.

What Is The Cause Of Congestion?

Unfortunately as drivers our daily lives are pretty much the same… we get in our cars in the morning, we drive to work, we sometimes use our cars at lunchtime, and then we all pile out of work and try to make our way home…. all at pretty much the same sort of time!  We have to live our lives this way in order to be efficient, if we vastly changed our daily routines it would have a massive impact on our economy and our society.  It is the same across the world!

The problem is, there is not enough road space to accommodate everyone at peak driving times.  The UK have tried to implement ways

Business And Disability
The 21st Century: Diversity and Inclusivity

The 21st century has brought about positive sociocultural changes to diversity, inclusivity and equality. Sexuality, race and religion are among the many areas affected by the shift in attitude towards minorities.

People with disabilities are also a cause of focus, with television being a useful medium in helping to change peoples’ pre-conceptions. This year, English Paralympian Jonnie Peacock changed his trainers for dancing shoes as he took part in the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

However, there is still a long way to go for disabled people to gain true equality in many areas of life. Whilst accessibility for disabled people is improving, huge challenges and obstacles remain, meaning that there are still real barriers to disabled people being able to their lives to the extent and potential of those without a disability.


Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

A particular cause for concern is workplace disability discrimination – where

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