Set your alarm its the Boxing day sales!

Boxing Day Sales we spend millions

Its was estimated that that 22 million of us hit the high streets on Boxing day last year.  It really does amaze me that after all the shopping we have endured on the build up to Christmas, that so many of us want to go through that again.  However according to Martin Lewis, founder of money saving expert “Deals are almost always better in the Boxing Day Sales” So perhaps I need to start changing my mind thought on this.  If only I had not totally maxed out all my credit cards already!

boxing day salesIt really is no wonder that so many of us find ourselves in a situation of bad debt after Christmas, wanting to make sure that our family and friends have the best time.  Along with delicious deals on Boxing Day that we cannot resist.

Although we are just round the corner from Black Friday where we spent an estimated £6 billion over that particular weekend, we still crave for more bargains.

Why are Boxing Day Sales so popular?

Well apart from the a-fore mentioned quote from Martin Lewis telling us you will get the better deals, you will also have more of a product range.  The general consensus is once the sale products have gone they are gone for good.

There is also a combination of Christmas vouchers and money we have received, and for the majority of us being off work.  This also emphasises the fact that although a majority of these bargains can be brought online there is still something very magical about tangible purchasing, and taking everything home to show off to your family and friends.

However unlike many, you will not be seeing me queuing over night outside retail stores or fighting over items in the isles, for one thing its too bloody cold!

Online Sales

Of course many of the big retailers are already putting up pre Christmas bargains and you will have the Boxing Day sales prices on line, so for those who want to get a bargain but don’t want the stress of crowds you have an option.  But you may just miss out by not being there on the day to take your product home.

The debt gets bigger

Remember that what you are putting on your credit cards will need to be paid back.  Think before you spend, as each time you have a miss payment on your card your credit score is effected.  You could find yourself in 6 monthsboxing day sales time with a poor or bad credit score, which will make things difficult when trying to obtain finance in the future.

If you do find yourself with a low credit score and you need to change your car get in touch with us, we have amazing deals for bad credit car leasing.

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