The best student cars Students have a lot to think about when it comes to their finances during their years of study but for those who require a car to travel to lectures, visit family, work or just for pleasure then it is crucial that the car they drive is safe and reliable.The car market is full of cars that all promise to offer reliable motoring at a low cost but students need to know which cars are likely to give them many years of stress free motoring. Which cars offer it all, to make the best student cars?  best student cars Vauxhall CorsaThe Vaxhall Corsa is one of those cars that has stood the test of time from its very beginning almost 20 years ago. The most recent model offers excellent value for money as well as being comfortable to drive. They are cheap to run as insurance, tax and fuel costs are low and these are all positives for any student.
It’s that time of year, you’re breathing a sigh of relief that the kids aren’t under your feet 24/7.  The alarm is set for earlier than normal, and that daily ritual rears its ugly head once again – the school run.At CVS we have shortlisted 5 SUV’s (Sports Utility Vehicles) which we think would be ideal for getting the kids to school on time, and with the minimum of fuss.Renault Scenic – A proven recipe – the format for this car is tried and tested over many years, and the current model doesn’t scrimp on great ideas.  Equipment can include rear sunblinds – for those sleepy kids that haven’t quite woken up yet, child minder mirrors, extra tinted rear windows, and rear passenger air vent, all features that make the journey less stressful, for both you and your offspring.  Your piece of mind is not forgotten, with rear curtain airbags, keyless entry, and isofix fittings on all 3 rear seats.CVS Ltd are offering great deals on the Scenic, but only if you have a bad credit score - Renault Scenic [...]
Top 5 hatchbacks leased by CVS Ltd.Over the next few posts I am going to share with you the top 5's from CVS Ltd.Here are the top 5 leased hatchbacks in our company, and of course they will be in reverse order! Number 5: VW Golf It would seem that once you have had a Golf you will tend to return to one, we have found that the majority of the people leasing from us have certainly had a Golf in the past and loved it. With the Golf you are getting the VW badge of quality, and unlike in the 90's it will still be there in the morning!.The Golf is one of our more expensive hatchbacks and given we are in subprime and working on affordability, I am not surprised it ranks 5.  You can check out our competitive leasing deal and read our Director Ben's review on the car here.Despite being around for over 40 years the Golf has kept its understated looks and up market image, much like myself!  The latest gen [...]
Classic Car Passion gets Graham (CVS Ltd Director) fame at last! Graham Harbord Director and one of the founder's of CVS Ltd has a real passion for classic cars, its no surprise really considering he has been working in the motor trade all his life.  However this week, on the hottest day so far this year he found himself in front of the Practical Classics Magazines photographer Matt Howell.The article about Graham and his cars will be published soon and once it is we will link it here, but whilst we wait in anticipation for his interview and the photography to be printed by the magazine.... here is a sneak preview of what the fuss is all about!

Will he ever make a cup of tea for us again? Diva alert!!!

Graham with his Riley being photographed by Matt Howell, clearly very comfortable about being in front of the camera!

And here are a couple more photos from 'The Shoot'.....

Michael Douglas And Diandra Douglas In
D...I...V...O...R...C...E in the words of Dolly Parton, but have you considered also the damage divorce and separation has on your credit score?  I have only been working at CVS Ltd for a few months and had not really given much thought to how someone’s credit score becomes bad, but it has really been an eye opener for me.A large percentage of our enquiries at CVS Ltd come from people who have either recently been divorced, or have separated from their partners.  The situation not only leaves them emotionally drained but with the added pressure of financial debt creating a bad credit score, which in turn means they will find themselves being declined funding to help them rebuild their lives.

Divorce and separation no matter what your finances are, can leave a huge dent in your accounts, check out these settlements, they are enough to make your eyes water!

Michael Douglas divorced Diandra Douglas in 1995 the divorce settlement was £34 million.  

No [...]

At CVS Ltd we take our privacy protection and security very seriously so you do not have to worry, your details are safe with us.  If you are a victim of identity fraud this can effect your credit score, so here are some pointers on keeping safe.

Firstly, let’s look at the difference between the two, Identity Theft is when someone steals your personal details and identity fraud is when someone uses your details to commit fraud.

Identity theft and identity fraud

Identity Theft:

Identity theft can happen to people who are alive or dead, the fraudsters just need enough information about someone such as name, date of birth and addresses (current or previous).  The impact of someone stealing your identity can have a direct impact on your financial situation and could make it very difficult to be able

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It's very frustrating when you are a new company and you want to lease a company car or van to visit customers and or deliver your products and services. Yet find yourself in a situation where mainstream companies will not accept you.
Lots of people these days find themselves with a bad credit scores.

Your credit score is a vital part of your life as this will determine how successful you will be when applying for affordable finance, if you have a bad credit score you will find yourself being declined by mainstream.  Lenders will look at your credit score before anything else and if it is not up to scratch you will find yourself being declined, and if you are declined this will impact even further on your existing credit score.

There are a few credit reference agencies out there but the main ones are Experian and Equifax each one will probably have a different credit score for you, for example if you have good credit with one you may fall into poor credit with the other.  Each time you apply for finance from a lender that lender will then allocate you

One of a company’s largest expenses can be vehicles. Whether a sole trader with a “white van” or a larger business that operates a fleet of vehicles you need to know what your options are and the most cost effective way of operating company vehicles.

Traditionally many companies bought their vehicles and kept them for a certain amount time before renewing them. More recently businesses have turned to contract lease hire as an alternative to owning the vehicles. But what is the difference for companies?

Off Balance Sheet Financing

Leasing vehicles is referred to as “off balance sheet financing”- this means the vehicles are not shown on a company’s balance sheet as either an asset or liability as they would be if purchased with a loan.  By keeping vehicles and other equipment off the balance sheet it reduces the debt burden of that company. Businesses only have a certain amount of credit available to them.

Are you struggling to obtain credit in order to buy a car

How to drive a better car than you can buy
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Are you struggling to obtain credit in order to buy a car How do you get a car with bad credit or no credit history?struggling to obtain creditAre you struggling to obtain credit in order to buy a car? Have you been turned down for loans and HP because of bad credit or a lack of credit history?There are many reasons why you may struggle to get any type of finance. You may have a poor credit history having defaulted on past agreements. You may live with or have lived with someone who has a bad credit rating. If you are a new business in your first year of trading you won’t have a full set of accounts to show how much your business is turning over, in fact it could be 2-3 years before you have enough trading accounts to obtain credit.Funding a vehicle can prove difficult and you may feel like you are running out of options
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