Breaking down in your car on a motorway is not only an inconvenience in our busy lives but can also be dangerous.  Recently I was astounded to see 2 cars in the fast lane on the M25 stopped taking each others details after a small bump.  OK not a breakdown but it did get me thinking about the fact that we are not thinking about the immediate danger we are putting ourselves in, if we have a problem with our car for whatever reason.So here are some of our motorway breakdown tips.Firstly if your car is not running correctly the safest thing to do is get off the motorway at the earliest means possible, and not risk trying to make your destination. If you feel that your car will not make nearest exit then pull over to the hard shoulder making sure you keep over to the left as much as possible with your wheels turned into the left. If your car is totally Kaput and you are in a lane, immediately put on your hazzards and call 999 and leave your seat belt on.Once you are stationary.
Volkswagen Polo Dog Singing
Here are our favourite car adverts, which ones are yours? Since the days when manufacturers decided to combine the internal combustion engine with a couple of comfy seats and a steering wheel, they have come up with ever more inventive ways to persuade us to buy their cars. Mass advertising, through print, TV and now the internet, has done wonders for the car industry worldwide and these ads have ranged from spectacularly clever to puzzling to downright comedic. Let’s take a look at some of them.Honda

Honda makes some of the cleverest car adverts. The Honda ‘Hands’ ad, shown on TV recently, simply shows a pair of hands picking up a metal nut.

This nut transforms in turn into a small Honda 90 motorcycle, a superbike, then it becomes a hatchback car.

The transformation continues in rapid succession through a rally Ci [...]

Drivers and cyclists – looking out for each other?

Drivers and Cyclists

In recent years, it seems as though the relationship between drivers and cyclists has been placed under intense scrutiny. Stories have emerged of drivers and cyclists going head –to-head over disagreements while there is footage of some drivers forcing cyclists off the road.

As the UK increases its awareness of the environment, rising costs of fuel, unreliable public transport, more of us are putting on our lycra and choosing to cycle instead of drive.  What can we do to improve the relations between drivers and cyclists?

So, what can drivers do to help [...]

Snow Uk Roads
Winter Driving –

Snow & cars a dangerous combination?

snow driving

Now that winter is just around the corner we’re sure that everyone will be hoping for a snow and ice-free winter season this year.

This is because, pretty though it is to look at, snow unfortunately seems to bring the country grinding to a halt.

Even when there has been a minuscule snowfall leaving a couple of centimetres worth of the white stuff on the ground everything turns to chaos. Public transport of all kinds withdraw their schedules at the drop of a hat, schools close, hospitals go onto [...]

Furnishing Service Fleet
Company Vehicle leasing the pros out way the cons. When it comes to business, there are many reasons why a vehicle is required.  Staff may need then to move between sites or offices while a pool of cars may be useful for driving to meetings along with vans for product deliveries or delivering a service. Regardless of the needs, there is no doubt that company vehicle leasing is a useful vehicle leasing The following list of advantages and disadvantages are designed to help you decide if company leasing is for you.Advantages of company vehicle leasing. Accurate budgeting – Leasing a company vehicle will give you the ability to accurately identify your budgets as the monthly cost will always be the same.
Company vehicles, Good image is everything. With your business up and running another great way of getting your name out there is with company vehicles, it is time to think about the image you need to portray when out on the road. You may have a number ofCompany Vehicles Sky with eye catching sign reps visiting clients to deliver services or drum up business or you may prefer to advertise your business in a simpler way when driving to and from work. This is where the company vehicle can play a powerful and effective part in your marketing strategy.Now, you may be thinking that the cost involved in purchasing a vehicle for company use is more than you can factor in. There is a more cost-effective way though of getting you or your workforce into company vehicles and that is
Winter Tyres
Get a grip with Winter tyres

As winter quickly bears down on us, it is time to consider winter tyres, because remaining safe on the roads during the coldest months is important for you and other drivers on the road.

So what are winter tyres? Essentially, they look extremely similar to summer tyres but they are developed to help handle ice and snow. Many believe that winter tyres are for only driving in the snow but this is not true, in fact, they are designed to work in conditions below 7 degrees, which makes the essential when it is wet and icy as they provide enhanced grip and handling.winter tyers

A winter tyre contains more rubber which means that it does not become hard when cold. This gives the tyre m [...]

Frosted windscreens are coming back in fashion. frosted windscreensfrosted windscreensThis morning I heard the 'F' word on the BBC, I was shocked at Carol Kirkwood BBC's weather lady but hey, there it is FROST, and it is coming!With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your car and yourself for the winter months ahead. While the UK winters aren’t as cold or extreme as many other parts of the world, we are still subjected to freezing temperatures and the odd snowfall. It’s these adverse weathe [...]
Why Aren't More People Leasing?

With so many fantastic car leasing deals on the market for prime and sub prime customers I wonder – Why aren’t more people leasing their cars? Is it simply a fear of the unknown?

As the Marketing Manager of CVS Ltd I have been following up with existing customers, and customers who were accepted yet decided not to go ahead with a deal.  The results have been interesting and I hope will levitate your concerns regarding car leasing - unknown fear.

Broken promises

car leasing - unknown fearOne of the most frustrating things about car shopping online, and something I have found recently with my own search for a [...]

Personal car leasing advantages Years ago, obtaining a car was a fairly simple affair. You got your dad to give you a few driving lessons, then you went with a professional instructor to iron out the mistakes, then you passed your test. Then you bought your first car. It was usually an old banger bought for a few hundred pounds and although you were proud of it you would soon grow tired of it breaking down.personal car leasing advantagesWell now there is a different way. Leave behind the old banger's and start dreaming of a brand new model. Personal car leasing is the way forward and is the most popular method chosen by people who want to get into a new car. But for those who are unsure of what personal car leasing is and whether it could be right for you here is some information to help make up your mind. Personal car l [...]
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