Drink driving | The festive season is here, take care!

Don’t risk drink driving

Its amazing to think that people still are drink driving despite the well publicised risks involved.  drink driving

Many of us like to enjoy a few drinks, perhaps after work with colleagues or with friends at the weekend. But too many people are still getting behind the wheel while over the drink drive limit.

According to drink driving facts website, drink drivers cause on average 3,000 deaths or serious injuries on our roads each year, and almost one in six deaths on our roads involve drivers who are over the limit.

People can be affected differently by alcohol. Weight, age, gender and metabolism can all contribute to a person’s alcohol reading. But even just a small amount of alcohol can affect a person’s ability to drive safely. 

Caught drink driving

drink drivingDrivers will lose their driving licence or at least 12 months and fined up to £5,000, if caught over the alcohol limit. They may also receive three to 11 penalty driving points and possibly go to prison. The punishment handed out will depend on the seriousness of the offence.

You will be disqualified from driving for at least three years if caught drink driving more than once in 10 years. 

Breathalyser kits

If you have had a drink, a DIY breathalyser kit can help you check whether you are safe to drive. Of course, there is no perfect test, but some are more reliable than others. You will also need to choose the correct one for the country you will be driving in.

Here are three popular DIY breath testing kits to help stop you from drink driving:

AlcoSense Ultra Fuel Cell Breathalyzer is one of the more accurate breathalysers. But its reliability comes at the price of £249.99. 

drink drivingAlcosense Lite Pocket Breathalyser is a pocket sized alcohol breathalyser developed for the UK market. The same size as a mobile phone, it’s quick and easy to use. It promises an accurate reading and can also alert you if you are near or over the drink drive limit. It retails at £39.99

In France you’re required to have breathalysers in your vehicle. If you are planning to head to France, then look for breathalysers that say ‘NF Approved’. Alcosense Single Use NF Breathalyser Twin Pack is approved for use in France and can be bought for £4.99. It includes two tests that are easy to use and show you your alcohol level in just a couple of minutes.

Be safe not sorry

DIY breathalysers may show alcohol level, but their results should be treated with caution. They also do not provide any defence in court if the reading was inaccurate.drink driving

If you want to drink then the safest way to get from A to B is to get a lift or taxi. If you have to take the car then stick to non-alcohol beers or soft drinks. 

Overall, making sure that you’re under the limit at all times is something that really is essential when you’re on the roads. Not only are you putting your own life at risk if you drive under the influence of alcohol, but also the lives of everyone else on the road. It’s never worth the risk.


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