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The 21st Century: Diversity and Inclusivity

The 21st century has brought about positive sociocultural changes to diversity, inclusivity and equality. Sexuality, race and religion are among the many areas affected by the shift in attitude towards minorities.

People with disabilities are also a cause of focus, with television being a useful medium in helping to change peoples’ pre-conceptions. This year, English Paralympian Jonnie Peacock changed his trainers for dancing shoes as he took part in the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

However, there is still a long way to go for disabled people to gain true equality in many areas of life. Whilst accessibility for disabled people is improving, huge challenges and obstacles remain, meaning that there are still real barriers to disabled people being able to their lives to the extent and potential of those without a disability.


Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

A particular cause for concern is workplace disability discrimination – where

How To Valet Your Car
We all like our cars to look as good as possible at all times, and it can be disheartening to see dirt building up on the outside of the vehicle. With this being the case, it is good to give it a wash from time to time – but what is the best way to clean your car?
How To Save Money On Fuel
Save on Fuel and Save Money We are all constantly on the go driving around in our car, long journeys and short journey, before we know it the fuel gage is telling us we need to get more fuel. With petrol prices starting to crawl upwards, how can we save on fuel?
Getting to grips with Car Insurance terms If you are a driver you have to have insurance to drive a car. However, trying to understand what some of the jargon in an insurance document actually means can be a little
The History of the Fiesta

Happy belated birthday to the Ford Fiesta! This iconic car appeared on the scene in 1976 and recently celebrated its 40th Birthday. Manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, the Fiesta which was originally developed under the project name “Bobcat”, was the first front wheel drive Ford car that was available on a global scale. Left-hand drive versions were accessible to buy in Europe in 1976 but the UK had to wait until 1977 for a right-hand drive version.

Fiesta MK1

1981 Ford Fiesta Ghia metallic brown/silver

Source: Car and Classic

The Fiesta MK1, manufactured from 1976 to 1983, was available in 2 mod [...]

Neighbour parking conflicts and disputes

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Respect your neighbour and hopefully, they will respect you – it’s pretty standard behaviour. Unfortunately, however, theory and practice don’t always unite, as one in three disagreements that occur between neighbours is related to parking or cars. With more and more household having two or in some cases, even more, cars, houses and driveways getting smaller and cars getting bigger is it any real wonder that conflicts can occur on an all too regular basis.

image of parking disagreements with locals and neighbours

According to an AA survey carried out in 2013, 33% of disagreements with neighbours are car related. These can be split into the following categories: Blocking access to a property or driveway (1 [...]

Jawdropping Convertibles 2017.

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With summer on its way, and a new batch of cars fresh off the production line, many of us might just be thinking about an upgrade, perhaps even go topless. Despite the changeable and often wet weather we get in the UK, we actually buy more convertibles than any other country in Europe. In fact, our mild summers provide the perfect conditions for driving with the roof down. You still get the fresh air and the sunshine, but don’t have to worry so much about heat stroke or sunburn.
Fortunately, driving a convertible no longer means droughts, leaks and a flapping canvas. Today’s convertibles offer drivers comfort and refinement that you would expect with any solid-roofed vehicle.
This year brings with it an array of great convertibles to tempt you. But,

Austin Mini Classic
The Classic Austin Mini.

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Produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) from 1959 to 2000, the Mini is a small economy car with huge iconic appeal – not just on the road but on the big screen as well. The Original Mini is certainly considered something of an icon. It had a space saving traverse engine front-wheel drive layout which made it very popular because it allowed for 80% of its floorplan to be used for passengers and luggage, something which influenced many other car manufacturers.

Image of the Austin Mini in white

Image Source Classic Car Mag

In 1999 the Mini was voted the second-most influential car of the twentieth centur [...]

Ncap Safest Car Of The Year Image

Every year, Euro NCAP produce a list of the cars that have performed the best in their categories. This is done as a “Best of Class” basis, as star ratings between different categories cannot be easily compared, to show which vehicles performed best. This comparison is done within each calendar year. The scores for all areas of assessment are used to make the calculation. However, only standard safety equipment is used in the rating, and optional equipment is excluded.

vehicle safety NCAP

The following cars were rated as the Safest in 2016. The other safety systems that NCAP scored each vehicle for are; Active Bonnet, AEB Pedestrian, AEB C [...]

Rubbish on our roads

Litter being thrown from a carIf there is one thing I cannot bare it is people throwing litter out of their cars, the other day I followed a car and literally the passenger was just chucking out paper wrappers, plastic bottles, and cans.  I was appalled and it made me wonder what are the laws if any and what can you do as a fellow road user to stop this behaviour. 

What are the laws on throwing litter out of cars?

According to the highway code Rule 147 states ‘you MUST NOT throw anything out of a vehicle; for example, food or food packaging, cigarette ends, cans, paper or carrier bags. This can endanger other road users, particularly motorcyclists and cyclists.‘

It would seem that only London have a penalty in

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