The Best UK Car Adverts

Here are our favourite car adverts, which ones are yours?

Since the days when manufacturers decided to combine the internal combustion engine with a couple of comfy seats and a steering wheel, they have come up with ever more inventive ways to persuade us to buy their cars.

Mass advertising, through print, TV and now the internet, has done wonders for the car industry worldwide and these ads have ranged from spectacularly clever to puzzling to downright comedic.

Let’s take a look at some of them.


Honda makes some of the cleverest car adverts. The Honda ‘Hands’ ad, shown on TV recently, simply shows a pair of hands picking up a metal nut.

This nut transforms in turn into a small Honda 90 motorcycle, a superbike, then it becomes a hatchback car.

The transformation continues in rapid succession through a rally Civic, agricultural quad bike, then Asimov – Honda’s lifelike robot – and finally a crossover vehicle turns into a plane and flies away.

Whilst this may not be selling an individual model of car it certainly showcases Honda’s innovative technology.

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Honda Hands Advert
Jaguar Villians


The Jaguar F-Type Coupe advert made its appearance on British television and featured actors Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong in a James Bond-esque parody.

Presumably, this was made by US advertisers who think British men are all tea-drinking villains who drive Jaguars!


Many will remember the early ads for the Renault Clio featuring Papa and Nicole.

These were whimsical rather than hilarious but many identified with the tribulations suffered by Nicole as she sought to avoid her father’s disapproval.

It embedded the Clio in the minds of many and did wonders for the sales figures of the little hatchback.

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Nicole And Papa
Fiat X


If you think your fiat 500 is on the hut..herm….. small side, then all you need to do these days is pop a Viagra in its petrol tank and hey presto – it will enlarge to a Fiat 500x!

It’s a cheeky advert but great play on modern times.

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The poor little Jack Russell who when out in public without the protection of the VW Polo can only shake in fear, whispering a song to himself. 

When driving in the car with his owner sings loud and proud ‘I’m a man, yes I am and I can’t help but love you so’.  Excellent way of showing how you can be confident in driving the Polo due to it being so safe. Brilliant!!!

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Volkswagen Polo Dog Singing

And many more…

Who can forget Citroen’s ‘Carbot’ ad from 2005? A C4 transforms into a very funky dancing robot. Or the commercial featuring the Volkswagen Up and a very tall girl who finds her ideal man driving the ‘surprisingly spacious’ VW?

Julie Andrews sang My Favourite Things as a team of bakers produced a giant cake in the form of the Skoda Fabia in 2007. I wonder if they all got a slice?

And if the wobbly jelly rear lights stayed in! Volkswagen’s 2012 ad for their new Passat has a little boy in a Darth Vader suit attempting to use ‘the force’ on various things including the family dog and finally succeeds when the Passat’s lights and central locking activate. In reality this is just Dad blipping the remote control!

car advertsIn 2003 Peugeot gave us a very funny ad for their 206 model. Filmed in India it shows a young guy deciding to re-model his old jalopy by repeatedly driving it into a wall and then getting an elephant to sit on adverts

A little welding and a new coat of paint and hey presto! A new Peugeot appears. If only it was that easy!

You can see all ads these on YouTube, but be warned, they may leave you with the pressing desire for a new set of wheels!

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