Can I lease a car with poor credit?

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Information on leasing a car with poor credit

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One slip up = Poor Credit

lease car poor creditMany of us have found ourselves in a situation where at the end of the month there are bills to be paid but there just is not enough money to go around, and in this situation you may have found yourself either paying late or missing a payment.  The outcome of this is your credit score will be effected, furthermore it only takes one over sight for you to find yourself with a poor credit score.  The knock on effect from this is, in the future when you are looking for credit for a mobile phone, to a mortgage you could find yourself having to search harder to find a creditor to accept your application.  Unfortunately at CVS Ltd we cannot help you with mobiles or house buying, but we do have poor credit car leasing ready and waiting for you.

CVS Ltd the poor credit car leasing specialists

CVS Ltd have been established since 1999, and in that time have helped hundreds of people with adverse credit get into a new vehicle. Find out more on our poor credit car leasing information page. We understand the various reasons that can lead to having a less than health credit score, and we also understand that this is not always a true reflection of your current situation.

We have the deal for you

At CVS Ltd we fund the car for you, there are no third parties, so you will only ever deal with us.  As the funders we have the flexibility to create a leasing option that suits your lease car poor creditindividual financial circumstances, which has helped so many of our customers who may have not slotted into a ‘one deal suits all’ scenario.  We do not hold stock of cars, why would we as we have no idea what car you will want, or what specifications you would like.  We approach poor credit car leasing very differently from our competitors, you tell us what car you want with your budget and we will source that car, purchase it and then lease it to you.

The application for a poor credit car lease is very straight forward.

Get in contact with us today and find out what your leasing options are! Tel: 01342837110 or Text CAR4 and we will call you back.

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