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Bad Credit Car Lease

Bad credit car lease

More people in the UK are opting to get a car lease rather than purchase, why buy a car when you can lease, but what happens if you want a car lease but you have a rather unhealthy credit score? You need a bad credit car lease.bad credit car lease

With any kind of finance when you approach a company and apply for credit they will automatically check your credit score, before even getting to know you as a customer.  It is for that reason that many people find themselves being rejected before even getting a chance to talk anyone about their circumstances, and this is where bad credit car leasing becomes an option.

How to get a car lease with a bad credit score.

At CVS Ltd we recognised this as a problem in 1999, when our Director Graham was a broker, and found himself with customers who could afford to have a car lease, but were unable to find funding for them because of their credit score.  So Graham created CVS Ltd with our other Director Andy making car leasing available to everyone.

What we do differently at CVS Ltd.

Firstly CVS Ltd only lease cars to people who have a bad credit score, further more we also fund the car so there is no risk from third party funders rejecting a car bad credit car leaselease application.  Rather than look at credit scores we look at whether you can afford your potential repayments on your car lease choice, and we also will check that you are traceable at your address.  It is only at the point when our underwriters (in house funding team) have passed you in principle, that we will do a credit check on you.  When we carry out our credit check, we are still not looking at your credit score, but we are getting to know you as a customer which is part of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations.

What makes a CVS Ltd car lease more attainable with a bad credit score?

Over the years and the many car leases we have approved, it has always been very clear that a persons credit score really is not a true reflection of their current financial situation.  That is why we work hard and offer a very personal service to our customers, treating each application as an individual case.


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