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Personal Car Lease Special Offer Nissan Juke

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We have another great deal for customers who find themselves with a bad credit score, and want to get a personal car lease special offer.

Only pay £500 + VAT upfront

Image of a nissan juke

Special leasing offer on the Nissan Juke

To help you get into your next car without a huge cash outlay we are offering you a personal car lease special offer on the Nissan Juke, all you need to pay upfront is £500 + VAT and you could be driving away in this very popular crossover.

Whats the specification on the special offer Juke?

At CVS Ltd we source the car that closest meets your individual requirements, so each Nissan Juke could be different for each customer.  What we can confirm to you is that the Nissan Juke’s we lease out are no older that a 16 plate.  

How do I go about getting a personal car lease special offer?

Lower view of the nissan juke

special offer on the funky crossover

We have a very straight forward leasing application process for our car leasing, you can either contact us to discuss your options and this deal in more detail, or you can fill out our online personal car leasing application form.

Do you have any other special offers on car leasing?

We have the same offer of £500 upfront on the Vauxhall Corsa and the Ford Focus if you prefer.

If you are looking at a business lease then we have this covered also.

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