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Special Offers on Bad Credit Car Leases

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If you have a less than healthy credit rating, and you are looking for special offers on your car leasing, then you have come to the right place.

Not only do we have some amazing deals for you, but we have also made the application for car leasing as simple and as straightforward as possible.

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If you can afford the payments & traceable at your address, then you can have a car!

The application process for bad credit car leasing requires you to be able to show affordability, and show you are traceable at your current address.

You need to fill out an application and also send in supporting evidence which consists of-

  • 3 months’ worth of current bank statements
  • Copy of your driver’s licence and or a utility bill

Personal Car leasing is made of 3 types of payment terms-

Initial payment:  This is what you pay when you start your lease, it will be your agreed repayments x whatever you have agreed.  For example, If your monthly repayments are £250 inc VAT, you may agree on an initial payment of 4 upfront meaning your initial payment will be 4 x £250, so your initial payment would be £1,000

Upfront Payment: This term is used sometimes instead of initial payment, but is the same thing.

Repayments:  This is the amount you will pay each month, this is a fixed amount for the duration of your lease agreement.

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What are the Personal car lease special offers you have?

In our personal car lease special offers we will reduce the initial payment to a fixed amount to save you having to find a larger sum in the first instance.  

At CVS Ltd we sometimes have pre-leased cars that we are able to release out, these special offers consist of only one car, so once they have gone they really have gone!  These are ideal for customers looking for a personal car lease, who are on a lower budget without the financial resources to put down an initial payment.

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£500 Upfront Payment Special Offer.

Click on the cars to find out more-

Vauxhall Corsa

Nissan Juke

Ford Focus

Remember at CVS Ltd we fund the car for you, so no third parties, this means we can create a payment plan that suits your individual budget.  Once we have created a bad credit car leasing agreement to your individual budget we will source the car YOU want and then lease it to you.

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