Keyworker Car Lease Deals

For People With Bad Credit or No Credit History

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Keyworker Car Leasing Deals

If you are a keyworker and have no or bad credit then Compass Vehicle Services has a leasing deal for you.

Keyworker status includes the following professions:
  • NHS Clinical Staff
  • Teacher
  • Nursery Nurse
  • Police Officer
  • Prison Officer
  • Community Support Officer
  • Firefighter

We have been talking to our existing keyworker customers to find out what would be helpful in order to get behind the wheel of their new lease car.

The main feedback has been that finding the  initial payment is a problem.

An initial payment is needed when leasing a car and is generally a certain amount of your monthly repayment in one go.  For example, if your repayments are £250 per month it is usual to pay 3 – 9 months up front, therefore 3 upfront would amount to £750, this is called an initial payment.

What is the keyworker deal?

For all our keyworker customers we are dispensing with the need for the initial payment.  Instead you simply pay 1 month’s repayment in advance.


How do I get the keyworker deal?

Please quote Keyworker Deal in your initial enquiry. All deals are subject to the underwriters agreement.

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We are able to offer some fantastic deals which will suit all budgets, the great thing about leasing is when you can simply swap the car for a newer model, or upgrade to a better spec, or simply return the vehicle.

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What you need to do to get a keyworker car lease

The most important thing is to get in touch and talk to us.  

Every application we receive for bad credit car leasing is different in the way of people’s circumstances, what suits one customer will not automatically suit another.  

We are very proud of our personal approach towards our customers.  We want to understand your circumstances, your budget, the type of car you require, and the length of the lease you want, this, in turn, will help us to help you.

Remember there is all manner of reasons why people find themselves with a bad or poor credit score, we are not here to judge you, simply help you get your next car.

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How do I get accepted for keyworker car leasing deals?


What we look for:-

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We ask you to demonstrate that you can afford the monthly lease repayments by providing us with last 3 month’s bank statements; clearly showing your income and outgoings.


We will also ask you to provide us with a copy of your driver’s licence and an up to date utility bill.

At CVS we carry out all our own underwriting, there are no third parties and we will not share your data, you will only deal with us for the duration of your leasing agreement.

I am new to leasing what happens once I have been accepted?

Once you have been accepted for any of our car leasing deals it is a simple matter of you paying your agreed first payment and us sourcing your desired car.

hand2handkeyThe time from acceptance to the delivery of your car is totally down to you, how fast you are able to decide on a car, make your payment and take delivery.  If all goes smoothly it can be just a matter of days!

We will deliver for free if you are within 25 Miles of our main office TN8 5RB otherwise we will have a logistics company deliver your car for which there will be an extra cost.

We love to meet our customers so if you want to collect your car we can pick you up from Gatwick airport, from Lingfield train station or Edenbridge train station.

Please note that every lease comes with a one-off administration charge of £120, all leasing companies have an administration charge we just like you to know from the very start. 

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