No Credit Check Car Lease

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We don’t look at your credit score

CVS Ltd has been leasing cars to customers with a low credit score for over a decade.  We live in the real world and understand there is all manner of reasons why people find themselves with a low credit score, we also understand the frustration that comes with that. Fortunately, we are able to offer no credit check car lease, looking at affordability and traceability and not looking at your credit check.  We have been leasing cars for personal and business use since 1999.

If you are not checking on my credit history, what do you look at?

We already know that you have a low credit score otherwise you would not be coming to us, there is no point in us doing a credit check on you.  We look at two areas and if you are able to give evidence of these then you are just a step away from your new car.

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Can you afford the monthly payments?  When you apply for a no credit check car lease from CVS Ltd we will discuss with you what your budget is and the sort of car you would like to be driving.  We require you to show us evidence that you can indeed afford the payments within your budget.


We need you to show us evidence of your current and if required previous addresses.

Business Documents


Instead of a credit check we require supporting evidence

In order for us to be able to accept you for a no credit check car lease, you will need to supply the following documentation:-

3 months worth of current bank statements clearly showing incoming, outgoing and balance

copy of your drivers licence

copy of a utility bill

You will also need to complete an application form which you can fill out online for Personal or Business

If you prefer you can download the relevant form not looking at your credit check or not looking at your credit check and email back to us.

What happens after I have sent in all my information

Once we have received all your information we will then pass on to our in-house underwriters, this process does not affect your credit score.

no credit check car leaseIt is worth noting that when you no credit check car lease from CVS Ltd you will not be dealing with any third parties, we buy the car for you and lease to you.  

There are many advantages to having our own underwriters for our customers this includes having the flexibility to create a leasing agreement to suit your individual budgets.

Once our underwriters have passed you in principle it is only at that point we will run a check on you, we have to do this to fall in line with regulations set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (any finance company regulated by the FCA must carry out these checks).  

This check, however, is not for checking your credit score but will show and may affect your credit score, it is very rare that after this final check you are not passed.

I have been passed for no credit check car lease agreement, how long until I get my car?

This is very much down to you, how quick you can pay your initial payment and how quick you can decide on a car, but it could be a matter of days!

Delivery of my car

If you live within 25 miles of our main office TN8 5RB then delivery is free.  no credit check car lease

If you would like to come to the office and collect your car we can collect you from either Gatwick airport or local train stations Edenbridge and Lingfield.

If you live further afield and are unable to collect we can arrange for our logistics company to deliver your vehicle, however, please note there will be an additional charge for this.

Are there any extra charges I need to be aware of with my no credit check car lease?

Apart from the above mentioned logistic fee, there is a charge of £120 administration fee which covers you for the duration of your leasing agreement.  no credit check car lease

Please note that all leasing companies charge this but at CVS Ltd we like to be clear about any additional charges.

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