Company Car Lease with a car allowance

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Is it possible to lease a car with a company allowance, if I have a bad credit score?

businessman in company carThe answer is yes

We are helping more and more business professionals get into company cars despite their bad credit rating.  There is all manner of reasons why you may find yourself with a less than healthy credit rating, but at CVS Ltd we understand that this is not a true reflection of your current financial situation.

Getting a company car with a bad credit score, using your car allowance.

Many of our current customers have come to us because they find themselves with a new promotion or new job, in which part of their payment package includes a company car allowance.  However, if you find yourself in this position, and you have a bad credit score, you may find that you are unable to secure a car lease through the mainstream.

High acceptance rate, delivering your company car ready for your new position.

At CVS Ltd we work with customers on an individual basis looking at each application, and their specific circumstances.  Taking this approach has meant that customers have been Professional female with company car key
able to get behind the wheel of their new company car on time, without any fuss or embarrassment.  Company car leasing with a car allowance has a very high rate of acceptance at CVS Ltd, if you are concerned about finding the initial payment, pick up the phone and talk to us, we are able to tailor make an agreement to suit your budget.

We are able to offer all makes and models of cars suitable for professionals, we believe at CVS Ltd that prime cars are not just for mainstream customers.

Get in touch today for your bad credit personal car lease or to speed up the process fill out our online secure Personal leasing application form.

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